photo by  lawrence braun

I love plants. Where they grow, what they do, how they help us live our best most wild lives. They are resilient and scrappy, gentle and giving, strong and determined. With enough practice, we can be just like them.

While I’m excited and energized by plants, this site isn’t exclusively devoted to them. It’s a hodge-podge of other things that uplift me and challenge me to grow. I like lots of things and am easily distracted. For me, it’s easier to work with my inclinations than against them.

CC Buckley is a writer and community herbalist in the Tradition of Western Herbalism. 

In 2014, she completed an apprenticeship with Ryn Midura and Katja Swift from the Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism and is currently studying with David Winston. She lives & loves plants in Brooklyn, NY. But can be found romping around somewhere upstate or anywhere else green things grow.

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