Nettle in the morning, nettle in the evening, nettle at supper time, when it's finally spring time you can have nettle any time!  (sung to the tune of bagel bites).


Techinically you can have nettle all year. I do. I make nettle infusion from dried nettle as my daily vitamin water. I pour a half inch of dried nettle leaf into a quart mason jar, cover with boiling water, cap lightly (never shake - danger!) infuse overnight, & drink all day. Nettle infusion has wild amounts of calcium & the longer you let it sit the more calcium you'll get. My infusion yields about 250 mg of calcium. Dang. Nettles feed the blood. It’s full of so many good things that nourish our soft tissue & organs: calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin A, & chlorophyll. If you’re putting spirulina in your smoothies you can stop cause nettles have virtually the same amount of chlorophyll plus they’re cheaper. You can also quit with the acai cause blueberries are basically the same thing.

Nettle is also mover & a shaker. When you are “stung” by the formic acid on nettles little hairs, blood rushes to that spot to move through to ease the inflammation. It has a diuretic effect, you will have to make more trips to the bathroom. It improves lactation. And according to Susun Weed it has the spiritual power to cleanse auras.  

Nettle is a tonic. This means, taken over time, nettle will strengthen your circulatory, immune, & endocrine systems to promote peak function. The stronger these systems the better position our bodies are in to deal with whatever might come our way. Drink a cup of nettle tea a day for six weeks,  you can make from fresh nettles at the market: they are available now in Union Square or from dried which you can get at most health food stores.

Nettle is a kidney medicine. Nettles botanical name is Urtica dioica, uro in Greek means urine & di-oikos in Greek means two-houses, which refers to nettles separate male & female plants. If you are dripping & sneezing & rubbing & miserable & you need a cure & you need a cure NOW drink a quart of tea a day & I bet you will see improvement in your body’s ability to move the allergens along. The high concentration of nettle works directly on your adrenals to support your kidneys so that they can move move move.

Welcome spring nettles!