Sometimes if we catch a creeping illness early enough we can knock it out. My favorite go to for symptoms like a runny nose, itchy throat, scratchy cough is a steam.  Steam's are awesome cause you don't have to go to the drugstore to make them effective.  You likely have everything you need in your kitchen!

My favorite steam is a thyme & oregano combo. A friend of mine affectionately calls this "the pizza steam." I love pizza so I've embraced the name. I combine two heaping tablespoons each of dried oregano & dried thyme.  You can also use fresh herbs.  It's just that I am more likely to have dried around this time of year.  Set-up a towel & a glass bowl somewhere that you can comfortably sit over, be sure to decide the bowl's location before you pour boiling water into it - you do not want to move a glass bowl full of boiling water the chances of disaster are too high.  Put the herbs in a glass bowl & cover with boiling water up to two inches from the top. Sit near the bowl with your face over the steam, use the towel to cover your head & the bowl. Breathe slowly & deeply through your nose & mouth.  When the steam subsides you're done.  Wait till the water completely cools to room temp before moving the bowl. 

The idea here is that the steam is creating an environment inside your nose that is too hot for a virus to survive.  I find it works.  It's also soothing & good for my skin.  So it's a win-win. 

All that being said:  I do not recommend this method for children or babies. Too danger to have boiling water near their tiny unpredictable bodies. Growing up my mom would turn our bathroom into a makeshift steam room by running a hot shower and then sit with us in the bathroom on the closed toilet seat.  It's a lot of water to run, but I can also appreciate what it might be like having a small screaming child.  So everybody calm down on blaming moms & dads.