Because Rose medicine is generally needed IMMEDIATELY: like to sooth a temper, to comfort someone in the wake of some kind of trauma (breaking up, nearly getting run over on your bike, a confrontation at work, or worse), to ease a burn (from sun or your stove), it's nice to have things on hand that are ready to go. I always have Rosa centifolia around  (there are zillions of species of rose, ok not zillions, the actual number is disputed. But the rose family might be zillions, OK also not really but it feels like it - did you know apples are in the rose family?)  

Rose petals are a very easy tea: brew 1 tsp in 8 oz of water for 7-10 minutes. It is the most cheering & calming of teas. I especially love it paired with Linden flowers.

I also make rose petal honey. I fill a jar with Rose petals & cover that with honey. I use a skewer to make sure everything is covered in honey & then mash with a wooden spoon to break up the petals into tiny tiny bits. This way I don't have to decant the honey & I can just dip my spoon in without being fussy. Once you're all good & mashy, label "Rosa centifolia in honey" & the date you made it. Cap & let that hang out for 4-6 weeks in a cool, dark spot. Don't hide it away though, cause you should turn the jar over every once & awhile to make sure everything is staying drippy. The honey may drip from the jar so best to store it on a small plate. You can always sneak a taste of the honey that slips out. :)