I can't stop making ice cream & I can't stop picking lemon balm. So I did what's natural: I made lemon balm ice cream.  

Lemon balm is in the mint family. All mints are edible, isn't that comforting?

In a medium saucepan combine 2 heaping cups lemon balm leaves, 1 cup milk. Over medium heat, bring them to the beginning of a boil, cover, turn off the heat, let sit for 30 minutes. In the meantime, combine 1/4 cup raw cane sugar & 4 egg yolks. Let me just say here: it matters that you use good quality milk (no sad cows), beautiful orange eggs (no sad chickens), as close as you can get to yellow cream (grass fed). It matters to use ingredients raised with love. It matters :) After you've steeped the lemon balm leaves, pour the milk off through a strainer & squeeze the leaves out so you get all the good lemony milk. Then, rewarm the milk so it's steamy. Temper the milk into the egg & sugar mixture. Little by little add the milk to the eggs, whisking constantly, when you've warmed the eggs up so that they won't curdle, pour the whole mixture back into the saucepan. Heat, whisking constantly over medium heat for 4 minutes until the mixture coats the back of a spoon, you will see it thicken & gain body. Pour the custard through the strainer into a bowl & add 1 cup cold heavy cream. Whisk everything together, cover, refrigerate overnight. The next evening, just before you intend to eat your ice cream, put the custard in the freezer for 5 minutes. Then, get out your ice cream maker, pour the custard in & turn iton. In 20 minutes you will have perfectly churned, lemon balm soft serve. If you desire a more traditional hard ice cream, freeze for four hours or overnight. 

 It is necessary that you have sugar cones on hand.