The only thing better than guacamole is salsa. And the only thing better than salsa is fermented salsa.

It is bubbly & delishy. You might be like "EW. Bubbly salsa? Get out of here." But I promise you it tastes as good as it is for all of the helpful bacteria living in your gut. 

And you can have it in 3 days, maybe less if it gets hot again. 

Fermented Salsa

8 tomatoes, about 2#

1 large white onion

1 jalepeño

1/2 bunch cilantro, discard thicker stems, thin ones totally OK, also the thick ones are fine too, whatever

2 teaspoons salt

1 tablespoon of juice from some other ferment: sauerkraut, kimchi, some other natural pickle (nothing pickled with vinegar, not the same)

Olive oil

I chop half of the tomatoes small & put them in a large bowl. Then I rough chop the rest of the tomatoes, the onion, the jalepeño, the cilantro & put it all in the blender. I pulse it a few times so that it's got a little bit of chunk to it, so that it resembles a frothy salsa. Then I add that to the bowl, top it with the salt & ferment juice. Mix it all up, taste it! Pour it into two quart size jars, leave a little space at the top. I top the salsa with olive oil, to keep whatever might poke above the liquid from molding. Just a thin little layer. Later when you mix it all together the olive oil makes the salsa a little velvety. I like it.

Cap it, label it with the date, tuck it someplace out of direct sun & on a plate or a towel or something, because it will likely leak. In 2-3 days the solids will be floating (like in the jar in the picture on the right) & there will be little tiny bubbles. It's ready! You can leave it longer for more bubbles if you want. After that just slip it in the fridge.

Eat it on eggs or chips or just dig in with a giant spoon.