I love this time of year when the flowering basils are at market. So dreamy and spicy smelling.

I pick up a bunch of tulsi, it's sweet pungent scent is similar to that of the culinary basils with which we make pesto, but this one is holy. Tulsi or holy basil, is a sacred basil to Hindus, you might find it growing in special pots to guard protect homes.  In our bodies it can help us find calm by stimulating our brains to clear fog associated with stress and stuck habits while calming and reconnecting us to our nervous system. It is a divine summer tonic. 

Hot and bitter, and my favorite way to take it is by making holy water at home. 

I trim any browned, damaged ends and add a heaping handful to a one liter glass water jug. Fill the jug with room temperature water and let sit for at least 15 minutes in the sun before pouring over ice. If you desire a little sweetness add a drop of stevia extract to the jug. Start slow! Stevia is suuuuper sweet. Add a few slices of lemon to your glass for holy water lemonade.